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    mail only
    starting price: 1k
    minimum bid increase: 1k
    ending 24hours after last bid
    taking away from bid 1r
    thanks from CDK
  2. Whats the Min bid inc?
  3. 1k I would like at least 25k though
  4. Since the missing minimum bid was noticed and corrected by the initial poster I will add it to the post and allow the auction to stay open.

    Next time, however, be sure to include all relevant information before posting an auction. :)
  5. 20k
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  6. 23k
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  7. Bump ending soon will anyone beat Raaynn with the 23k ?!
  8. Its over its over!!!
    no more bids plz
    pay first then i will send in mail;)
  9. Tx Callum, just sent payment