[AUCTION] Marlix Bow and Leggings

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  1. Auctioning 1 Marlix bow and 1 Marlix Leggings.
    Bidding starts at 20,000 rupees. No complaints, this is entirely reasonable.
    Minimum bidding increments of 1000r.
    Auction ends 23 hours after last valid bid. Yes, 23, just because.
    Pickup will be at 19052 on SMP9, or I can deliver.
    Happy bidding!
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  2. yes >: D 23k
  3. but 24k..
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  4. Bump. This is a steal.
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  5. Are these promo items or just enchants that went so right?
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  6. Promos
  7. These items aren't promos. Those two items above are 2 of the 5 things that are VERY RARE drops from the Marlix. (A miniboss only found on EMC)
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  8. That's what I was thinking. Thank you Piggeh!

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