Auction - Lot 4193 on SMP2 (Home of Run For Diamonds Gameshow)

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  1. I have decided I want to move home and set up shop elsewhere, perhaps on another server.

    I do not, however, want to delete my Res and lose over 10,000r worth of Wool blocks that have been used to build the gameshow, nor various other bits and bobs (Automatic wheat farm using Glowstone and Pistons, Sugarcane farm, Rooftop Garden, etc).

    Therefore I have decided to auction it all off.

    There is a Reserve on this, and I'll accept whatever bid I'm happy with, there is no time limit on this.

    You can see more about RfD here:

    The game, when I run it, will bring me in roughly 300r per game, with Donations often hitting thousands of Rupees per game, depending on how much people enjoyed it.

    If you win, you will own the entire Lot minus:

    The Warehouse (Which I will duly empty of everything I need to take to a new home)
    The current crop of Wheat (Which I will take with me, but leaving the seeds)

    If you want to look around at RfD then go to:


    If you want to look at the above-surface area of the Res then go to

    4194 and it's right in front of you with the big 'K-Industries' sign on the second floor.

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  2. What is this reserve price?
  3. Reserve prices are secret. :)

    You can probably guess though if you read my post and do some sums. :)
  4. Oh right, I'm clearly showing my extensive knowledge of auctions here :p
    Yeah, I can guess the order of magnitude :L
  5. So are you auctioning off the items on your lot, the lot itself, or both? Like you are going to give full perms to whoever can guess your secret reserve price or what?
  6. I'll unclaim the lot. If I'm right in thinking, the lot will sit there and someone else can claim it.

    However, if that doesn't work, then this is a bit pointless. :)

    The person with the highest bid that goes beyond my Reserve price will be able to claim the lot once I unclaim it and own everything on it, except the two points mentioned.

    Of course, as there's no interest in this, it'll probably never happen. :)
  7. wait...if you unclaim it automatically resets. Just transfer over all perms to person who buys. Oh, and I would like to bid 15k
  8. Oh...or you could ask justinguy...
  9. So you are bidding for dirt xD
  10. No...he has this awesome Run For Diamonds game. It brings in LOADS of money
  11. I'm not sure if that can be done, without JustinGuy's help. I'm pretty sure that as soon as you unclaim it, all the stuff will disappear.

    I was hoping you were just going to transfer build perms and stuff. I already have my 2 residences, and I was hoping to get an unofficial 3rd by bidding on this one... but that wouldn't work for me since I can't claim any more :(
  12. Kil please let me know if my bid is too low.
  13. I hate to be this guy, but its pointless. It disappears, the only option is to sell a lot because of it's location (such as my auction on SMP6). You're pretty much buying a empty lot here.
  14. I'll ask and see if there's a way around this.

    I would do a change of Perms but you'd be limited in that you could never change the perms yourself to allow others / etc.

    I might just have one huge bonfire and last Run For Diamonds game as the place burns down around us. :D
  15. What if you auction stuff on the res. and give perm and wait little more.
    Like auction off stuff for dig.
    And maybe people buy in group and they can come get wool and stuff.
  16. I would be willing to have these limited perms. I never give them out anyway except to tecuya (my husband), and he won't care if he can't have them for ALL of my residences, I'm sure :)

    I bid 35K, but I do have to say that I'm not a fan of secret reserve prices. If you have a number that you'd like to see to make this thing happen, you should let us know ;)
  17. I'd say this is a unique enough exception to warrant being allowed.
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  18. I've spoken to the admin and unfortunately there's no-way we can do a handover on a Res.

    I was mistaken in thinking that we could. :(

    So the Auction is null and void!

    Now.... What do I do with it?! :D