Run For Diamonds - Greatest Gameshow on EMC!

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  1. Run For

    Welcome one and all to the Greatest Gameshow on EMC!






    Do YOU have these?!

    Then maybe you're ready to try the toughest challenge in EMC!

    Designed across eight Zones, each with their own particular challenge, the Zone Runners compete against each other to be the first to reach the Diamond prize waiting at the end!

    With static and active obstacles pushing the Runners abilities to their limits, anyone can beat the Zones and be the victor!

    Parkour Mazes Traps Pitfalls Obstacles

    Over 60 Runners have taken part so far and every game has a winner, regardless how long it takes!

    The shortest game has been under seven minutes, the longest took and hour and a half!

    Do you think you can beat the Zones? Do you think you can beat the other Runners?

    Do YOU think you're the BEST?

    Prove it!

    Run For

    ||| SMP2 @ 4193|||

    The Runner Launchpads

    where the daring Runners stand.
    Once the Countdown hits Zero it's GO GO GOand the Runners are dropped into the Zone!

    Will your Chute take you where you want to go or will you be the first victim in the Zone?

    The Rules!

    Runners that don't pay attention to the Rules soon find themselves out the game and the first loser of the Run!

    It's all about playing fair and enjoying the game, but in Run For Diamonds, if you need to push and shove, you do it!

    The Commentary Box!

    Each game has live commentary from Kilmannan as the Runners progress through the Zones so you know who's in the lead and more importantly, who's behidn you!

    Coming Soon! Live Audio Streaming Commentary!

    Run For

    ||| SMP2 @ 4193|||
  2. This sounds awesome
  3. Y no movement perms?
  4. I think he's upgrading the game :)
  5. to bad its not on smp1