[AUCTION] Leather Armour

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  1. Leather Armour pack!

    Description - Leather Helmet: Projectile Protection II
    Leather Tunic: Projectile Protection II
    Leather Pants: Protection I
    Leather Boots: Protection I

    Condition - UNUSED

    Starting Price - 1 rupee

    Minimum Bid Increments - 1 rupee

    Auction ends - 48 hours after last bid with no other bids after

    Pickup - SMP1 Residence 1308

    Happy bidding :)
  2. hayjam in the lead!
  3. I Change mine
  4. Oh yea hayjam in the lead with a bid of 201 rupees.
  5. 500r

    What the heck?!
  6. 600r HahHHaha
  7. Creppa in the lead. C'mon let's give Creppa some competition! ;)
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  8. Just to troll creppa, ill pay 1000 too see it burned in fire. xD
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  9. 1000r
    Come @ me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.