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  1. This auction includes le items the folowing items are in the auction. Ore buster, flaming mob launcher, turfinator, everlasting axe stopper, big daddy helmet, bullet proof vest, cactus pants, and feather fallllling boots (yes boots has 5 ls). Auction starts tommorow 5/11/13 and ends in a week 5/18/13 bidding starts at 15k and minimum bid increae is .5k. If u happen to win contact me on 5/18/13 or any time after pay me and i will give u your items. If u have any questions or anything i need to add plz pm on the forums. :)
  2. Well I have no idea why this auction should start tomorrow.

  3. comon guys we need more bids i spent over 50k on this :p
  4. was 48k spent on the 8 items at 6k each. but that is the risk of an auction
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  5. well looks like i have won! score
  6. ill pay once minecraft is allowing people to log in
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