[Auction] Krysyy PvP Head

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ChickenDice, May 17, 2016.

  1. Dang. Trying to really up the price to get me/others to stop eh? Doesnt work on me. :p

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  2. Nope. I bid for me not anyone else. 575k
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  3. I bet Krysyy is proud of this auction. Hehe.

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  4. I just found out these things are expensive!!
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  5. 835,000r
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  6. Is it worth more than 1mil? 1001k
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  7. 1,100,000r
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  8. With all the rain/snow Krysyy sent us in Canada.. why am I bidding on this? 1111k
  9. Bump! First time I got a chance to bump this entire time lol
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  10. Bump! This is a very rare item, don't miss out on your chance to get it. :D
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  11. Bump! Will iKloned win it? Will samsimx make a comeback? Will PlasmaBanana allow this? Will Polymerized try to retake the lead? Will a new player show up and out perform everyone else? Or will this auction just begin to plateau? Tune in next week's episode of ChickenDice's Auction Galore to find out! :cool:
  12. Ravioli, Ravioli, this is a bumpioli!
  13. Just cause of that bump earlier..
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  14. *Pokes with a stick* Is it done?? Is it over??

    I believe sam has won with a mind boggling bid of 1.2 mil, an accesss chest will be set up at /v 18931 on smp9 in 12 or so hours

    Thanks for the awesome auction ladies and gents :)
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  15. I had no idea what I won during that event) -)