[AUCTION]Infinity I Power V Bow

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Iceraider14, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Enchantment: Bow : Infinity I Power V
    Condition: Brand New!
    Starting bid: 3500
    Minimum bid increment: 500
    Ends 24 hours after the last bid.
    Happy Bidding!
  2. i would pay 3000
  3. When you start a auction you should make the starting bid low. 6000 for starting bid is to high, people win those bows for 6000 in auctions, and you start it with 6000. Get my drift?
  4. Its now 3.5k
  5. Dreacon78 with 4500 !23 hours left.
  6. Dreacon wins!Pay first then I will set up a chest for you at 16161.
  7. which server?
  8. I would guess by that number that it would be smp8.
  9. see you know how the res #ing works...I am not that smart.. :p;) and I hate to assume anything...gets me into trouble
  10. I've been here a while :p I know the Empire. Plus I have residences on smp2, 7 and 8, plus a shared residence on 5 so.. you get to work out which are which :p I have a numbers mind.
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  11. t-t.. I wish I knew about this yesterday.. I dont really check the auctions that often.. I am always running out of arrows and haven't been enchanting bows because I have been trying to get my silk touch back..
  12. Hayley You were right it is SMP 8
  13. Of course I was ;)
  14. Money has been transferred and I am awaiting the chest. I am at your plot already when you are ready.
  15. Lol Hey I am a big enough person to admit if I am wrong and to acknowledge those that are right... :p:cool:
  16. And I am conceited enough to bathe in the glory of being right :cool:
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