[Auction] Infinite Infinity Books (actually just a DC :P)

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  1. But there are moar coming! And I don't even know where to put them, so I'm auctioning the first DC I filled. My first time here as an auctioneer, please point me out any mistakes and all hints are welcome ^_^

    Item: DC of Inifinity I Books
    Starting Bid: 8,100 rupees (150 rupees each book)
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100 rupees
    Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid

    Pick up at SMP 1 res. no. 1919 or delivery to any server for a 20 rupees fee :p

    Take your chance! Infinity I books sell themselves for at least 600 rupees and higher, but what am I going to tell you, veteran sales people? Don't let anyone beat you and get your hands on this before it's too late!

    A pic:
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  2. Woho! MVPdrose winning for now with 10k, anybody willing to rise the bid?
  3. And the man with the pic of the cutest gamer kid ever is on the lead with 18k! BTW, I.O.U a Goddess Blade :p I haven't forgotten about it.

    I'm very happy that we've reached my minimum, now, if we reach 21,600 rupees, the winner has the option to get a supply of a maximum of 10 (you can choose to get the amount you want every week) Infinity books per week at the constant price of 20% (negotiable) of their market value, for as long as I play on EMC. Completely optional.
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  4. image.jpg

    Shoryuken! Mean bump xD
  5. The elegant slime in the third row offers 20k!
  6. Da bump.
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