[AUCTION] [HYPERDRIVE SPEED] 64 Pieces of Taste of Freedom Steak

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  1. Enjoy a Taste of Freedom with Taste of Freedom Steak, now available in large quantities.

    Was added less than 24 hours ago
    Has a lore
    Has the color red in the name
    Has the color blue in the name
    Has the color white in the name
    Is obtainable as an incredibly rare drop from cows
    Insta-eat (just right click, no delays)
    Restores HALF YOUR HUNGER BAR!1!1one!

    Okay, this auction is a little different. It's very fast. VERY fast. And there's a max bid increment, though you probably won't hit it. Enjoy!
    Auction ends: 45 minutes after last valid bid
    Auction starts at: 5000r
    Minimum bid increment: 100r
    Maximum bid increment: 500r

  2. woosh, no edit button. This was only in the title, so let me make this clear: you get 64 (sixty-four) pieces of Taste of Freedom Steak if you win.
  3. Are these even allowed to be auctioned off yet?
  4. 5,000 rupees.
  5. The allowed items thingy said promotional items were allowed I think. And I believe these count.
  6. I checked around the forums. No staff member has said these can't be auctioned, and they aren't mentioned as "Not allowed" in the Auction Rules post.
  7. if it is not on the wiki under promotional items it cannot be auctioned as one, thus you would need a dc of these
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  9. kk then. Auction closed
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