[Auction] Horses - five breeding pairs 100+ speed

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  1. So my first auction! Okay, so I'm selling a total of 10 horses in breeding pairs of 2 with identical colour and pattern meaning their foals are usually the same breed.

    2 Dark Brown with black dots
    speed 106.20% jump 71.73% HP 24.38
    speed 109.03% jump 76.31% HP 24.73

    2 Chestnut with white dots
    speed 104.74% jump 70.02% HP 22.11
    speed 102.16% jump 72.33% HP 24.82

    2 Brown with black dots
    speed 109.54% jump 70.50% HP 22.75
    speed 102.84% jump 58.66% HP 24.09

    2 Grey with black dots
    speed 101.23% jump 72.02% HP 23.31
    speed 102.87% jump 70.99% HP 21.98

    2 Creamy with black dots
    speed 101.72 jump 63.51% HP 23.09
    speed 105.22% jump 70.02% HP 22.16

    Minimum bid 1400r
    Minimum bid increase 100r

    Auction ends 24hrs after last valid bid (will set an access chest for the winner at my res 8058 on SMP4)
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  2. Sorry to be the person, but, this auction isn't valid; Auctions have to consist of a full double chest of items, with the exception of heads, beacons, and enchanted items.
  3. It is actually valid with the new 1.6 item auction rules.
    As long as there is at least 10, and stats are posted, it is valid.
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  4. Read 1.6 update rules horses can be sold in 10s so this is valid
  5. Jump! (Since its horsies)
  6. Final chance!
  7. Everybody do the bump!
  8. Technologygeek way out in the lead with 5000r bid!
  9. technologygeek is the winner!

    Access chest will be set up on smp4 8058 once payment is received :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.