1.6 Item Auction Rules

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    10 Horses (Must list all stats per horse)

    5 Pieces Of Armor (Can be mixed with iron, gold or diamond armor)

    5 Nametags

    1 Full Doublechest

    1 Full Doublechest (Can be mixed with colors)

    1 Full Doublechest

    1 Full Doublechest (Can be mixed with colors)
  2. Now, lets see where the prices go...
  3. So, can you auction more than 10 horses at a time? Like for say, a double chest?
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  4. Well...
    Time to see what auctions are pricing this at...
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  5. You could, though I don't see those happening a lot due to the amount of information you need to even set it up and then everyone having to read/sort through them all. I see auctions with less horses being more successful.
  6. So I have a question. Can we auction more then 5 horse armor at once or is that just the minimum am mount?
  7. I just started an auction with 49 horses mules and donkeys :3
  8. Maybe you should add...

    When auctioning horses, horse armor, and name tags, the amounts provided are a minimum amount. You can auction more than the listed amount, but not less. Carpets, hay bales, leads, and hardened clay must be auctioned in double chest increments.
  9. And this presuming that the three special horses fall under the category of "Official EMC Special Items" and can be auctioned on their own?
  10. Yeah, and what about stable vouchers?
  11. Special Items too.
  12. Ah okay
  13. Could we do screenshots like /horse and fit them in the chat, as much as we can instead of writing them down?
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  14. Not to be off topic or anything but... How the heck did you get that high of speed?! :eek:
  15. speed II potion I think :p
  16. Yus!
  17. I have got an auction up now i wonder how high it will go 0.0
  18. Terribly sorry about the old bump, but I didn't want to make an entire new thread. Can signed books by staff be auctioned? Or do they have to be in a DC.. Staff as in moderators, senior moderators, and admins.
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