[AUCTION]- Heads, lots of Heads (Including two Staff Heads)

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  1. Hello there Peoples! I have had Over a DC of Heads Lying around so, Why not Auction them? So I did, and Here are the Heads (Also, 2 Staff Heads, BlackKnight and LuckyGreenBird)

    Starting Bid: 25k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction End Time: 48 hours after Last Valid Bid

    Head List:
    BlackKnight1021 (KnightyNight) x1
    Luckygreenbird x1
    Batroach x6
    coolmanbackoff12 x2
    NecroManiak x1
    DarthYves x3
    BouncyGirl658 x2
    MCTabletKid x1
    KennaSoccerGirl x4
    Hannesvdwalt x1
    lovely_gurly x1
    AllenMCStudios x2
    BEK11 x1
    Malfoypotter x10
    nicolakrantz x1
    MegHouse x1
    Preston354 x4
    Matoosie62 x1
    EquaLivern x4
    tomdaninja x1
    Cobblestonekruse x2
    thebuttersheep x2
    codemister21 x3
    XenomorphKing44 x5
    Alexthewall33 x8
    Alphagirl133 x1
    EmoPiggs x2
    KyleDragonCloud x1
    Deemideem x1
    ww2fan168 x2 (Yes, I have The Llama's Severed Heads :p)
    AndrewTheFrog x5
    tjdaninja x1
    Ocelotawesome x2
    LeishaWaterbloss x2
    friendypig x1
    We3Mosses x2
    CDOH54321 x7
    Plebiasaurus x3
    MonkeyBunny321 x2
    KnightyKnight x1 (Yes, Very Similar to BKs 1.8 name =P)
    ocelottamer43 x5
    Creea x2
    MCphoenixgaming x2
    AussieZaid x1
    chrystianf x1
    MickRS x3
    Dr_Chocolate14 x2
    Doggie45 x3
    Jennypoo10 x2
    DRAKATH77 x1
    faith2002 x1
    PhoenixAffinity x1
    ToastFTW x2
    Dim5678 x1
    lonestarlady 3877 x1
    Bennybeebop x2

    ~Happy Bidding
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  2. C'mon, you know you want these Glorious Severed Heads
  3. Bumpity Bump
  4. Bump
    This is over 2 DC's of Heads, Still very Cheap!
  5. Bunp! Still very cheap for 2 DCs of Heads
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Not open for further replies.