[AUCTION] Ham Hacker

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  1. Hey guys!
    Selling Ham Hacker Promo item!

    Bid starts 1r
    Min. increment 100r
    Bid ends 24 hours after the LAST VALID BID.
    Condition: Unused
  2. 1r

    Ham breaka? :p New promo, guys!
  3. what is this?
  4. Also 5202
  5. Is is the Ham Hacker 2014 promo?
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  6. Yah! That's it haha
  7. 7k
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  8. 20k
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  9. 25,100r :cool://
  10. Please, IDK what the Ham Braka is! Is it an iron shovel?
  11. 35,100r \\ :confused:
  12. 35,532r \:eek:/