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Do you like the new profile pick?

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  1. Full Starter Set
    Starter Helmet
    Starter Chestplate
    Starter Leggings
    Starter Boots
    Starter Pickaxe
    Starter Sword
    Getting Started Book

    Starting Bid: 500r
    Minimum bid increments: 200r
    Ends: 48 hours after the last bid
  2. These are not auctionable items as of now. This item will have to be disregarded from the auction, but you are all clear for the rest. :)
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  3. Please Note I have just been told that this is not aloud to be auctioned therefore it is being removed from the auction thanks for your understanding :)
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  4. Please... 2.2k
  5. Your cat face is too amusing to me, so I'll go out. :p
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  6. bump not long left until Mindlegokid wins :)
  7. I beileve I have won. :D
  8. Oops sorry I forgot about this I will set up the access chest at 9348 smp4
  9. Sorry for being so late chest is at 9348
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