(Auction) Full set of Diamond Armor

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  1. Helmet Chestplate and Boots are Protection 1 Leggings are fire protection 1 for cllecting lava in the nether.

    Starting bid 800

    Minimum bid increment 100

    Bid Ends 24 hrs after the last bid

    Pick up items at Order Room One

    Don`t say its too expensive the diamonds alone are much more expensive than this + the enchantment table

  2. No bids
  3. I guess if no one bids now this auction will come to a close
  4. Yes finally
  5. Bid increments are 100r, Brennian.
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  6. I just noticed xoluss' was invalid too. I could have bid lower. 1150r
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  7. Hey Since I will be away Im closing this bid soon current winner Chaaralis You got until 7:00 AM to bid
  8. I'm sorry, but you cannot do that. You said, "Bid Ends 24 hrs after the last bid" - you need to stick to that; you can't change the rules mid-auction.
  9. 3mins Left
  10. Ok but still Its about to end the last bid was at 10:22 AM So It`s going to end pretty soon
  11. It ends at 7:00 AM I am sorry but if it doesn`t end now the winning bidder will not get his/her prize and I have no control over this matter
  12. The winner is Chaaralis Ill set up a chest for you once payment is made today
  13. Oh wait I forgot I can just make a room with chest shops in it
  14. yea chaaralis is it ok if you get them a while later like in 3 months please im going away without my pc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.