[AUCTION] Full set of 60,000 members armor

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    • Starting bid: 30,000r
    • Minimum bid increments: 1k
    • Auction ending time: 50 hours after last bid(maybe it seems a bit long, but sometimes I am not able to bump or something, cause I have really much time spending school atm)
    • Pickup: I'll deliver to any residence on any smp you want, or put a chest at the spawn of my own residence.This is the full set of armor that was buyable for 6k the piece when EMC hit 60,000 members a while ago.
    Feather Fallllling Boots
    Unbreaking III
    Feather Falling V
    This boots have a very high Feather Falling enchant, what means you can just jump down a cliff without dying. 2013-06-26_23.57.58.png

    Big Daddy Helmet
    Unbreaking III
    Respiration V
    Aqua Affinity I
    This wonderful helmet is not a normal helmet, no, it's meant especially for divers. With it you can mine under water at normal speed, and get longer breath so you can stay underwater way longer.
    Bullet Proof Vest
    Unbreaking III
    Projectile Protection VI
    Thorns III
    This one is pretty bullet-proof indeed, cause it has Projectile Protection VI, which is not obtainable in legimate survival. It will even hurt the one shooting, cause of the Thorns III effect. 2013-06-26_23.59.07.png Cactus Pants
    Unbreaking III Thorns V When you wear this pants, everyone who dares to kill you, get killed itself. Thorns V is just... Very Prickly.
  1. 30k
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  2. 31k
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  3. 32k
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  4. Also, Im willing to split, Im looking for the boots, helmet, and the ore buster :)
  5. Well then, is it possible to split with me?
  6. Can a mod possibly remove ore buster from my reply please? I put it there by accident, sorry.
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  7. Yes, which ones would you like? I dont need the chest, but its up to you what you want to split, and give a price you would split for the items you choose
  8. I still have an ore buster, when you win the auction we can discuss a price for it, maybe I will sell it to you(don't take this as a promise though)
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  9. Okay thanks very much, I'll hold onto the thought :)
  10. 40k
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  11. want to split mman2832?
  12. The chest and the pants? around 20k?
  13. Sorry, I need all of these for my museum.
  14. thats fine, i'll pay 20.5k for the other 2 you pay 20.5k for those 2, current bid is 41k
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  15. 42k
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  16. superval what is your max? 43k
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  17. 44k
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  18. 50k
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  19. 51k
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