Auction: Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V - Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Item on auction: Another Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V - Diamond Pickaxe (the winner of the previous auction was banned)

    *Minimum bid: 12500 rupees. This will be lowered by 2500 for every 24 hours without a bid. Do not offer anything below the minimum bid. Wait for it to decrease instead.
    * Minimum bid increment: 250 rupees
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot at res 3144 (smp 2) - I will set up a chest for you
    * Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions.
    * Rupees only.
    * All items are unused unless otherwise stated
    * If the item is bought for the autowin of 35000 rupees, the auction will end and the highest bidder will not receive it.
  2. Any offers?
  3. Lower the minimum bid
  4. I've had that exact reply on all of my auctions so far xD

    Yet the pickaxes that I have sold have gone for 35k and 26k (the person who won the one that went for 15k got banned)
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  5. I will lower the starting bid by 2500 every 24 hours without a bid.
  6. ooh look its the fluffy bear! haha
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  7. Starting bid is now 12500.
  8. Opps lol 3k :)
  9. I will do 12500
  10. I will wait 120 hours :)
  11. r0bbiejo has bidded, so it won't go down anymore =P
  12. :(
    haha i was joking XD
  13. 10,000 !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. No no no i mean 15,000 !!!
  15. Current bid is 15000 by tylermoody. 21 hours 19 minutes remaining
  16. 8 hours and 45 minutes remaining