Auction: Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V - Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Item on auction: Another Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V - Diamond Pickaxe

    *Minimum bid: 15000 rupees
    * Minimum bid increment: 250 rupees
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot at res 3144 (smp 2) - I will set up a chest for you
    * Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions.
    * Rupees only.
    * All items are unused unless otherwise stated
    * If the item is bought for the autowin of 35000 rupees, the auction will end and the highest bidder will not receive it.
  2. Nice Pickaxe! :D
  3. Any bids?
  4. Changed minimum bid increments to 250.
  5. I know bids for this eciuvelent pickaxe normally finish over the starting bid price your saying, but don't make the starting bid price so high start it at like 5000r instead, then people will bid:)
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  6. I think the problem is the starting bid. Best to start at 5K or so and let it go. I would love to have it but I think it will go for close to what your asking (maybe more) and I don't have that much. The one I have is at 50% because it doesn't have unbreaking at all. :(
  7. I think 15k worth this. But now I am broke with 79 rupees left. :(
  8. Ahhh!
    I just noticed!! U R FLUFFY BEAR :D
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  9. I'll bid for 5k if you change the minimum starting bid price (just to start off the auction).
  10. Wow I guess someone did bid what you asked took a while though...
  11. Even plain fortune III picks without unbreaking III can go for more than 5k. This pick is equivalent to around 4 times of that, so I wouldn't risk letting it go for under 15k.
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  12. I understand. Could put a buy it now price too. Seen that work just in the last few days. Guess it doesn't really mater how you start as long as the results are good. ;)
  13. 5 hours 16 minutes remaining, current offer is 15k.
  14. Looks like you've won xD
    I will set up your chest after I have received payment.
  15. Pachunter98 was banned, so this pickaxe is still up for auction.