AUCTION: Fortune II, unbreaking III, Efficiency III.

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  1. same reasons as my other two picks up for auction...

    Diamond Pickaxe.
    Starting big: 8,000r.
    Increments: 500r.
    Auction ends 24 HOURS after the last bid.
    I will set up a chest for the winner at lot 4414.
    Good luck!
  2. It's not worth 8000r sorry I will only go to 5000r
  3. I have to go but ill put 13k
  4. ...................................
  5. blackneko14 its yours. come to lot 4414 on smp2 on the 2nd floor to pick it up.
  6. KK i just got home from school so yea ill pick it up now if your on if not ill be back on at 6pm Central time
  7. okay sounds good
  8. Servers full ill keep trying -_-
  9. I am on and cant access movement in your house
  10. oh sorry about that okay its all set. move was false, my fault!
  11. Okay im coming
  12. Dude pick isnt in there
  13. Says out of stock when i try to buy
  14. okay coming