Auction: Unbreaking III, Fortune II, Efficiency III

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  1. General Auction Rules.
    -Minimum bid increasement is 100r.
    -You must collect the item(s) from my plot on Smp2 (3782)
    -Think before you bid - please don't take your bids back after you post them.
    -Bidding will end 12hours after the last valid bid.
    It is Barely used, I missclicked a block. *Facepalm*
    GL! :D

  2. What is the starting price?
  3. You can choose, but if you dont want to get outbidded, i'd start high ^.^
  4. If your still the top bidder when i wake up tomorrow thaedor you win.
    Its about midnight as i post this, uk time.
  5. Piggz I will text you who is winning to irritate you xD

    EDIT: that was a joke.
  6. There goes one text :p
  7. you...... 8.2
  8. .....
  9. Thaedor. You have won. Come to my res on smp2 (3782) now if your on.