[AUCTION] (Fixed) Vault Voucher

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ZocoCrafts, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. I made a mistake on the price, so I decided to "fix" it by making a new thread.
    Starting bid:9k r
    Minimum bid increase:100 r
    Wish you luck of you're going to bid!
    Hopefully this one is perfect :3
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  2. Sorry but the Starting Bid is 9K and you put 100r so that means your bid is invalid
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  3. One question for anyone that knows, what does "bump" mean in the forums?
    Also, auction end time is 48 hrs after last bid.
  4. Bump Means Refresh so Its basically just a BUMP to refresh the thread.
  5. 9500 r * Sorry :D
  6. BUMP is Bring up my post ;)
    Now i've gotta bid don't i? :confused: 9.9k
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  7. No, you don't. ;)
    Bump stands for Bring Up My Post. By "bumping" a post, you're bringing it up to the top of the Recently Active Threads so more people can see it. On EMC, you can only bump a minimum of three hours after the last post.
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  8. Thanks guys! I'm learning more and more about forums, since this is only my second auction! Also, I didnt expect that many bids! So, imma do it now :D
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  9. f_Builder_sDaNub wins with 9.9k! Please pay, and when you do, inform me on this thread. I will then look in my rupee records, and when I find that you paid, I will give you access to the chest that holds the Vault Voucher on /v 6373 or /v Zoco6446_Gamer, k? This is not a scam.
  10. Um...are you gonna pay?
  11. I guess I'll have to make a NEW auction again for the same item...