[AUCTION] Farming Mania

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  1. Yes, i'm back with another auction!

    WHAT: 1 DC of Pumpkins, 4 DCs of Wheat, 2 DCs of Melon Slices, 4 DCs of Seeds, 1 DC of Potatoes, 4 DCs of Cactus, 1 DC of Sugarcane, 1 DC of Carrots, and 9 stacks of Oak Wood.

    STARTING BID: 1,000


    PICKUP: /v +skyfarms on Utopia
  2. Again? Forgot time. TIME: 24 Hours after Last Valid Bid.
  3. Auction's invalid (or at least the oak wood is) since the oak wood in the auction isn't in a Double Chest quantity.
  4. Ah ok then. Sorry about that. Then minus the 9 stacks of wood then.
  5. All vanilla minecraft items are required to be auctioned in minimum quantities of 1 DC. Because only nine stacks of wood planks are up for auction, the item is invalid. As a result, the auction has to be closed at this time due to an invalid auction.

    Please review the auction rules below. Once that is completed, you are more than welcome to post another auction that meets the required guidelines.

    As an aside, if you forget to add required information to your auction or accidentally make a typo that would make an otherwise valid item invalid, you can report your initial auction post with the corrections you want made and staff will make them as soon as possible.


    Closing thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.