(AUCTION) Everything in my Enventory

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  1. Well as you can see in my inventory that you can see I have 20 Gold Ingot ,15 Glowstone ,64 Redstone Dust ,1 Lava bucket ,1 Ocelot egg ,1 Golden Apple ,5 Villager Eggs and, 32 Sheep Eggs. We will be starting at 750 Ruppes and just keep on going higher. On Monday The 7th 2012 at my residence 12985 and on Smp6.EmpireMinecraft.com there will be a chest and will have access command to open it and take the stuff for the winner to claim. Good Luck! 2012-05-05_12.03.03.png
  2. my Auction luck aint the good right now. D:
  3. You can't just auction random stuff. Please read the guidelines before beginning an auction.
  4. Okay Woops
  5. 300r i might not be broke by then
  6. Only enchanted items and dragon eggs are currently available for auction, nothing else I am afraid.
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  7. I would just set up a shop or something to sell this sort of thing
  8. Sorry guys but this will no longer be going on. Again I deeply sorry but this is my first auction. This is not for sale
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