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  1. Hi guys and girls, hope you watched or at least know what Death Note is. Here's an auction with items you can find in the anime. (minus the armor pieces and notch apple)

    On the left side, you can find :
    Notch apple : Ryuk's girlfriend
    Diamond Full set of prot.3-unb.3 Armor : Light helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots
    Diamond Chestplate with prot 4 : Yagami
    Diamond Shovel with eff.1 : Death Eraser
    Diamond Hoe with unb.1 : Pencil

    On the right side :
    Flame 1 book : Death Note

    Something you probably forgot what it is :

    It sums up the auction,
    Starting bid : 1r
    Raise : 1r
    Ending : 48h after last valid bid.
    /v 17175 to see the desk.

    Anyway, I planned to do an event to give more of something special (vault tickets) out but I'm always busy. Found a good and original way to tho. 2 is released already and 3 will be here (1 per question)

    You will be mailed a special written book, (not a sig. , it's related to my op vault floor in my museum) if you answer those questions right! At the end of the auction.
    You can only post the question once per account, and if there is questions left not answered the remaining books will be kept by me.

    Questions :

    1- The Death Eraser is indeed in the anime, but where and how is it used (you can state only one use)?

    2- Why is the notch apple called Ryuk's girlfriend? (You must state how the item is related to him and why this minecraft variant from the real item (apple) would be suited to be called like that.)

    3- The picture with the Gasoline Sac is related to a scene in the anime. Try to complete the sentence : You need to [...] in order to pull out the Death Note. (an answer like : ''take it'' is not good, you need to give the details about the main things you need to do. )

    Good Luck!

    Disclaimer : If a staff states in the auction or closes the thread directly (please don't) because the auction mixed up with an event is illegal, I will redo it as an event only. People that answered right in this post won't have the book mailed sadly.
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  2. what the heck is this thing. Ill start this auction with 2314r
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  3. dang ninja'd
  4. 2345

    (Death note fan here)
  5. Sorry but this is an invalid auction. And the only reason I know from mind is because it also happened to a friend of mine: enchanted golden apples ('Notch apples') can only be auctioned off in quantities of 64 (one stack). See this link for an overview of items that can be auctioned off.

    Obviously I have no authority here, but it seems a bit off to cancel the whole thing based on 1 small error (the Notch apple is a small part of your auction). Also because of the relatively low price of the auction right now.

    My suggestion: remove the Notch apple from the auction and continue with the valid items.
  6. ahh I see, will close down the post then since it was part of one of the questions.
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