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  1. Welcome to my very first auction.
    Item: Diamond sword
    Sharpness III
    Fire Aspect II
    Starting bid: 750 rupees
    Minimum Increments: 20 rupees
    Auction Ends: 1 DAY (24 HOURS) after final bid
    Pick-up: 6189 on SMP3
    You spawn in at the res, turn right and you will see the enchant auction chest after heading down the path.
  2. Is jrlizard going to get this sword for only 1k? Someone might decide otherwise.
  3. What does bump mean I'm sorta lost on this one
  4. I was making sure everyone would see it. It puts it in the recently posted on side box.
  5. Penfoldex in the lead with 19 hours left!
  6. Wow. No bids… :D
  7. Will penfoldex win this awesome sword fkr as low as 1,020k
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  8. Did I say 1,020k I meant 1,020r. Also because of my stupidity and forgetfulness the sword is actuall Smite IV and Fire Aspect II. About 1 hour remains.
  9. Yay. 30 more minutes. I'm not paying 1020K :p
  10. 1040 just to make you mad =)
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  11. will cam12368674 win with 1,040r? Or will someone else leap in to seize this epic sword? Also if a mod could edit the OP to say Smite IV instead of Sharpness III that would be appreciated.
  12. Cam1386874 wins with a bid of 1,040r! Please send me the money before I set up your chest.
  13. Please pay soon cam!
  14. You have won cam. How many times do I have to say pay me!
  15. PM him on the forums/ in game
  16. Oh sorry, penfoldex can have it
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Not open for further replies.