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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by superg64, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. It is time for my spring cleaning so I am clearing out most of the things I do not need.

    A DC of Obsidian
    A DC of Iron Ingots
    20 DC's of Bows
    SC of Enchanted Bow's:
    5 Power III Bow's
    3 Power IV Bow's
    3 Punch I Bow's (Enchants screw me over sometimes)
    1 Flame I Punch II Power IV Bow
    2 Punch I Power IV Bow's
    1 Infinity I Punch II Power IV Bow
    1 Flame I Punch I Power IV Bow
    2 Infinity I Punch I Power IV Bow's
    1 Flame I Power III Bow
    2 Infinity I Power IV Bow's
    1 Flame I Bow
    1 Infinity I Bow
    1 Flame I Power IV Bow
    1 Punch I Power III
    1 Flame I Punch II Infinity I Power V (God Bow)
    1 Flame I Punch I Infinity I Power IV.

    1 DC of Diamond Enchants:
    16 Eff III Fort I Unbr III Axes
    21 Eff III Silk I Unbr III Pickaxes
    14 Eff III Fort I Unbr III Pickaxes
    2 Unbr III Eff IV Shovel's
    1 Unbr III Fort III Eff IV shovel.
    Well That took awhile.

    MIN INCREASE: 500r
    PICKUP:4393 smp2
    AUCTION ENDS: 72 Hours After Final Bid

    Happy Bidding and Happy April Fools ;)
  2. lol im hoping this isnt a fake april fools auction...5k
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  3. Sweet cow that's a lot of stuff...
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  4. Bump The amount of diamonds put into this is 156 amount of string is almost a dc of string and more than 40k xp
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  6. i do not believe i have bumped this before
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  8. Yes i understand the rules but you posted that after my first bump which there was no bump before.
  9. Read the last paragraph several times.-_-
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  10. 6k
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  11. 7k
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  12. I want... Obsidian!!!!! 27k
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  13. Youll have to check with a moderator to see if thats legal. BTW, Terry outbid you with 27k.
  14. I am sorry to bump but I must say that currently I will not accept any bids from anyone banned even if it is for someone else. Have Gad restore his password by having the recovery link sent to his account if he wants to bid he must post on his own account. If a mod informs me otherwise then I will allow it.
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  15. 28k yo
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  16. Yeah, because its perfectly normal to carry around a random double chest of obsidian with you that you dont even need... XD

    28k XD
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  17. wooooooooooopz

    XDD 29k XD

    *plays elevator music in the background while waiting for my 30 seconds between each post to to end...*
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  18. ;'( puts another 1k on the table (That's 30k)
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  19. Nice bids you got there.
    It would be a shame
    if someone
    bid 45k >: )
    (Yeah this is a bid)
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  20. aww, man, what a shame :(
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