(Auction) Enchanted spades!

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  1. Come one! Come all! Too Jade's Spade auction!

    The items are on SMP9.
    Ends 24 hours after the last bid.
    • 2 Eff' I Spades
    • 3 Eff II spades
    • 1 Eff III spade
    • 1 Unbreaking I Eff I
    • 1 Unbreaking II eff II
    • 2 Unbreaking I Spade
    • 1 Unbreaking II Spade
    • 1 Fourtune II
    • 1 Unbreaking III Fourtune III
    • 1 Unbreaking II Eff II
  2. Starting bid? 2k
  3. 4k, I am boss... :p
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  4. Hi Jade, looks like you forgot some details. :)
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  5. I know. There being added in:) I posted it in a rush.
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  6. They've been added.
  7. Thankyou moose!
  8. TomvanWijnen Is in the lead with 4,444r!
  9. 6k Gimme the spades.
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  10. Teh Piggie is in the lead with 6k! Anyone want to do some digging? ;D
  11. The piggie Won the auction at 6k!
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  12. Whoop Whoop! Where do I pick up Jade?
  13. 18128 ill be on in a minitue
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Not open for further replies.