[AUCTION] Enchanted Diamond Sword

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to host an [AUCTION]. Please read down below to get all the info. you need for this, and bid in the comments section.

    Item: Enchanted Sword- Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II Enchanted Diamond Sword. Start Price: 200 Rupees Minium Bid Increase: 200 Rupees End Time: 42 Hours after the last bid. Pick up info: Go to SMP2 (/smp2) and /v +HKRoMM. From, HelloKittyRo
  2. Sorry guys, there was a problem with the Thread so it's a little mixed up!!
  3. I have a question, if anyone can answer, how do you edit a [AUCTION] post?
  4. You can't, you must ask a staff or report it for the reason. 200r
  5. Ok, thanks for your help. And what do you mean 200r?
  6. He just placed a bid on the item. I'm now placing one for 400 rupees.

    Also, there is a strict rules for bumping auctions in this forum. The host of the auction has to wait at least three hours from the last post to create another post in the thread. This includes responding to people in that post unless a specific question is asked regarding the auction.

    As this rule has already been violated at least three times in the last hour, you may want to read up on the auction rules and refrain from breaking them for the duration of this auction. Otherwise, staff has the authority to shut it down for excessive bumping.
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  7. Is this an actual promotional item or just a renamed sword? 600r
  8. Scratch that, 1.6k
  9. The last post was under 5 seconds ago, please go read rules on bumping.
  10. Please keep "BUMP"'s to every 3 hours, and the words "BUMP" aren't the only things to keep this thread up, things like "~Snip~" and "Ok, thank you" are also counted as BUMP's. Just a friendly reminder, and this is a free BUMP to you :)
  11. So is it a promotional sword or named that? I don't think I got the final word on that.
  12. It's a promotional sword.
  13. Hello !! What promo sword is this ?? PM the details and ill fix it. Also as it has been said Bumps must be every three hours.

    Im told its an enchanted diamond sword. You may continue now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.