[Auction] Enchanted books

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  1. Item: Enchanted Books
    Starting Bid: 1k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after final valid bid

    Full list of books

    Flame I x 6
    Sharpness III x2
    Respiration II
    Sharpness III Fire Protection III Respiration III
    Power IV Knockback II
    Knockback II x 2
    Power III Feather Falling IV Respiration II Luck of the Sea II
    Infinity I x4
    Eff IV Protection III
    Projectile Protection IV Feather Falling IV
    Power III x2
    Sharpness IV Protection IV
    Fire Aspect II
    Power IV
    Sharpness III Power III Projectile protection IV
    Aqua Affinity I
    Smite V
    Smite IV
    Sharpness III Fire Aspect II
    Silk touch I
    Power IV Blast Protection IV
    Power IV Projectile Protection IV Bane of arthropods IV
    Respiration III
    Sharpness IV Punch II Knockback II
    Power IV Fire Protection IV
    Luck Of the Sea II
    Punch I
    Looting I
    Projectile Protection IV Luck of the Sea II
    P:eek:wer I
    Smite III
    Efficiency I
    Efficiency I feather falling I Bane of arthropods I
    Projectile Protection IV Smite IV
    Sharpness I x3
    Bane of arthropods IV
    Protection I
    Protection III Power IV Fire Aspect II
    Power I
    Lure II
    Blast Protection I
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  2. 3100r
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    20k!!! :mad:
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  4. 20,100r
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  5. 28k :p
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  6. you are the winner pay me and ill set up the chest
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