[Auction] Enchanted Books - Double Chest

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  1. One double chest of enchanted books (54 books):


    Chest includes:
    7x Sharpness IV
    2x Unbreaking III
    7x Looting III
    2x Smite I
    11x Fire Aspect II
    7x Aqua Infinity I
    7x Thorns III
    1x Thorns II
    10x Infinity I
    ... which are all enchanted books.

    Starting Bid: 1000r

    Minimum Bid Increase: 100r

    Auction will end: 24 hours after the last bid

    The winner will be able to collect the double chest from SMP1, res 1048, after they have paid.
  2. That's Ninjaboy in the lead with 14k at the moment!
  3. 1 question: What do Enchantent books do?
  4. They basically allow you to add the enchantment to an tool. So for example, if you have a sword, you can add Sharpness IV to it with the Sharpness IV book, an anvil and some experience. Also, you can add things like silk touch to shears for gathering cobwebs.

  5. Ninjaboy is in the lead again with 18k!
  6. 21k
    We posted exactly the same time.
  7. 30k you have no chance :mad:
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  8. Yeah... I'll pass for that much, I was questioning whether it was worth bidding.
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  9. Can someone say "deathconn is in the lead" that always makes me happy :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.