auction enchanted armor

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  1. sort: diamond
    boots projectile protection I
    leggings: protection I
    chestplate: projectile protection II
    helmet: protection
    its not used.
    start with 1000
    bid increase 100
    :) i hope someone wants this :D
    ending time: 24 hours
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  3. Oh, and I'll bid 1000r.
  4. I hope you get higher bids, just the diamonds is worth over 1000 :D
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  5. yay :)
    i hope it ggets over the 1200 :S thats a diamond armor worth right :S?
    well 5 and a half hour to go :p
  6. im sorry i dont think i can give anyone this armor im banned :S for nothing :S :(:(:(:(:(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.