[Auction] EMC Treasure Voucher (vault page)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Luckygreenbird, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Item: EMC Treasure Voucher
    Starting Bid: 8,500 Rupees
    Minimal Bid Increment: 500 Rupees
    Ending Auction Time: Exactly 24 hours after the last bid with no other bids after it.

    Your limit to vault pages can be increased with the treasure voucher!
  2. One
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  3. Your character hat looks strangely familiar....
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  4. 3 hours left, there's still a chance to beat 12k and get the voucher for a vault page.
  5. One
  6. awesome, so another 24 hours to bid on the voucher.
  7. Bumps should be kept to a 3 hour minimum.
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  8. Sorry, I didn't notice that problem.
    The auction will simply end in 14 hours on March 16th, just because I want have it end on my birthday :).
    So the auction will carry on till then and no more after the set time.
    Last bids can be made, if anyone is willing to beat the winning 13k.
  9. You can't change the end date of a auction. The Auction will end 24 hours after latest bid. read the red text please

  10. Then things stay the same... The 3 hour bump quote got me confused... I did read the rules several times, i'll remove that post about changing the time to 14 hours by reporting it.
  11. 14,000r. If this isnt valid tell me because not sure where the last bid was.
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  12. the bid before you was 13k by OrigamiJoe
  13. ok so yea my bid was 14,000r
  14. 15k
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  15. About 2 hours left if no one else bids, and for whoever wins I have the pickup instructions:
    First of all, my friends updated my computer to 1.5 while I was in a different room so I could join their LAN world, and I can't get on until EMC updates now.
    I am having BrenJone create the pickup area at my residence, 16094. It will be a shop chest in a small room with a door that has an access sign on it.
    Don't worry if the shop is under the name BrenJone, he's just helping me here and everything still goes to me. Bren had to get the voucher from my account inventory from his computer, so it will be there and ready for pickup. Bren will have to show where everything is since he will be making it.
  16. The Java on my computer doesn't like the link, even though it downloads it, trust me I have tried more ways than that today without success.
    But it's not a problem I know BrenJone irl, and I am letting him use my account for this. The shop may actually be in my name with the voucher in the chest. I myself can wait for the update.
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