Auction - Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III Diamond pickaxe!

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  1. I have an awesome brand new Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III diamond pickaxe.
    This are the rules for the auction:

    *The auction closes 12 hour's after the last offer
    *I will setup a chest with the pickaxe with you at my store
    *You can take it at any time at my residence 7115 - incase you are in another server, i will pay the 20r fee of the vault
    *I will setup the chest AFTER i recieve the money, please remember i must be online to perform this
    *If i don't recieve the money after the auction is closed *12 hour max to recieve it* i will re-open and contact the last offer
    *There is a minimum, you will not recieve the pick with a value under the ones sold at the market

    Ready? GO! :)

    Here a picture to proove the existance :D
  2. I may aswell kick this off. 1000r
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  3. moderate



    I have money :troll face:
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  4. 12k is the last one? As a remember, guys this DIAMOND pickaxe will last 4 times more and break 10% faster, some blocks *like stone* break instantly.
  5. Mods keep out bidding me :(
  6. name of the game ;p
  7. :( i have other picks imma post later on, if you can't bid here, i'm shure u will on other posts :p
    *im setting up a full set of armour + tools with high level's xp, it will take a while tho :(*

    Last bid was 12K im almost closing this :( who else?
  8. great! 14k, is this the end? -im ok if it is :p
  9. 3 hours left to close the auction for a level IV efficiency and level III Unbreaking diamond pickaxe, the winner till then will be NurglesRott with 14k, is that what it is?
  10. the pick has been sold! 14,000 rupees was the final bid by NurglesRott please visit residence 7115 and take you'r pickaxe! :) - I will only set the chest once i recieve the money tho.
  11. seriously nurgles... how many picks you need? :D
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  12. wow, more auctions for picks, soon ill be making auctions XD
  13. Thanks copherfield... I will come by tonight and send you the money. Assuming on SMP4?