Auction - Diamond Unbreaking III pickaxe

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  1. I have two awesome brand new Unbreaking III diamond pickaxes.
    This are the rules for the auction:

    *The auction closes 12 hour's after the last offer
    *I will setup a chest with the pickaxe with you at my store
    *You can take it at any time at my residence 7115 - incase you are in another server, i will pay the 20r fee of the vault
    *I will setup the chest AFTER i recieve the money, please remember i must be online to perform this
    *If i don't recieve the money after the auction is closed *12 hour max to recieve it* i will re-open and contact the last offer
    *There is a minimum, you will not recieve the pick with a value under the ones sold at the market

    Ready? GO! :)

    Here a picture to proove the existance :D
  2. Whats the markets price for this item? xD
  3. There isn't really a market price for this item. Enchanted items are new to the market so its really however much the grinding to get that enchantment is worth to you
  4. It's just a way to say that i will base myself on other auctions :)
  5. Lol, thats 1 third of the money I have... I am so poor :p
  6. 1100 rupeeees
  7. ur pickaxe will last 4 times longer guys, this isnt a simple one :p
  8. The pick has been sold! 1100 rupeeees to orion6666, please visit 7115 and look at the chest with you'r name, thanks :)

    -Once i recieve the money, obviously
  9. 1100 rupees? i would have been willing to pay up to 3k... ok, guess you dont want money....
  10. Huh, too bad because I could not reply to this in time to up my vote.
  11. the bid was closed, but im going to sell two more of this beauties, im letting price at 1.1k because i didnt post a reserve price, contact me *if you see me* in-game to buy them, i'll probably will be selling it for 2k