[AUCTION] Dragon Stone Fragment x64

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by fishmeal, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. Item: 64 Dragon Stone Fragments
    Minimum Bid: 110,000r
    Bid Increment: 5,000r
    Auction Ends: after 24 hours without a bid, but not before Nov. 15 at 12PM
  2. I'd rather you didn't. This is 20k-140k below their value, and it's only been 4 hours.
    Please try to keep posts to valid bids.
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  3. 110,ooo
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  5. Sorry, valid bids and questions about the item :p
    They will have something to do with entering Dragon Tombs when it's released. Also, they're shiny.
  6. It has been over 24 hours, so I will make the assumption that I have won. Paying right now, please send the stack by mail. ;)
  7. Sorry. Confusing end time. I meant for it to end on Saturday at noon at the earliest.
  8. The auction end time may be a little confusing, but it must be respected. Kyzoy will only win at 12PM (noon) EMC time, on Saturday, and people can bid between now and then. If it's already been paid, I'd like to ask fishmeal to pay it back for now, in case someone else wins.
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  9. Looks like I made an oopsie. Did not notice the little extra part with the "not before...", until after I paid, sorry. :confused:
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  10. Sorry for the confusion. I did it cause I won't be online til then. I'm typing on my phone right now. I'm sorry, but I'll pay you back tomorrow or Saturday unless a mod can reverse it (and maybe you'll win).
    To anyone else:
    The bid to beat is 110k
    You have a day and a half to beat it.
  11. I think I refunded you on MC Chat.
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  12. Alright, now I will pay.
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  13. :D Thanks. I'm getting on to mail them now.
    If you want any more, I have them.
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