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  1. Due to some .....moderation issues...And soon to come shop nerfs, I have decided to either quit or take a long break. Maybe log in every 5/7 days to keep shop from going under till i decide to cut all ties.

    So, here it is.

    1 Original Utopia Dragon Egg that has been showcased in my shop for 200+ days.

    Auction starts at 1 rupee
    Bid increments have to be at least 1000 rupees
    Auction will end 48hrs after last bid
    Pickup will be at my shop
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  2. 110k
    ...worth a try!
  3. 200k pfft nobody has a chance :D
  4. 400k
    I know I am not going to win, but man I want a dragon egg!
  5. 40ok..... i bid 401k
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  6. If someone bids 1000000r I will hit my self
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  7. 550k.
  8. duddeeeeee... 551k
  9. For the record: Frodomann1 snuck into a party on XBL that wasn't set to private (last time I let someone else host the XBL party, hahaha). What was discussed was brainstorms of some ideas that I had about cool uses dragon eggs could have someday. However, NOTHING said is or was confirmed information that will happen anytime soon or ever. Like always, we will bring our ideas to the community before just springing them out there to people. Frodomann1, for whatever reason, has decided to take these fun ideas I had, and spread them around as if they were fact...clearly causing some weird panic, lol.
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  10. With that being said.
  11. 625k.
  12. why don't you guys share the dragon egg on one res
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  13. sharing never works...lol so many times i have to remind ignoramoose that it is OUR dragon egg, not just his lol
  14. I WILL also add, that some of the ideas we do have are pretty unique and fun. While we won't flood the market with dragon eggs, we will make more obtainable in some interesting ways, if the ideas we have come to play. Again, there are no confirmations on exactly what will happen yet though or an ETA on WHEN it will happen. I'll stop hijacking the thread now, but I felt it was relevant information that should be shared since it was misinformation that got this scare up, haha.
  15. lol i think you have that backward....
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