[AUCTION] DoubleChest of Coal Ore

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by 1MB, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Item - DoubleChest of Coal Ore
    Starting Bid - 3,000r
    Minimum Increase - 250r
    End Time - 30 Hours After Last Valid Bid
    Location of Pickup - 3048 (smp2)
  2. Sorry, you can't lower your bid.
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  3. Blood told me she accidentally typed 6 instead of 4 ... (I'll let it slide this time :) )

    Blood is in lead with 4,000r
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  4. Thanks Ekl!
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  5. Ahh, nothing wrong :) Sorry BloodRose... D:
  6. Okay there always has to be someone who asks; What texturepack is that? :p
  7. haha - i haven't even had to bump the thread yet :p .... and it's Misa 433, christmas edition - with 6 editions of mcpatcher. :)
  8. lol nice, and thanks I may try it out. Can't OptiFine patch if for you?
  9. Don't know - I don't use a single mod
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