[auction] double chest of wheat

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cheez + ______

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cheez + crackers 3 vote(s) 33.3%
cheez + explosive pandas 6 vote(s) 66.7%
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  1. starting bid: 0.5k
    minimum increase bidd:100r
    pickup: 6362 smp3

  2. Ending time.
  3. Proof that you have teh wheat.
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  4. how do i prove it?
  5. You can take a screenshot of the double chest and upload it to here: http://minus.com/
    You can take the screenshot doing F2, or if you have a mac, Command, shift, 3, or FN (Finish) F2. You go into your minecraft folder and go to screenshots, and double click the screenshot you want.

    If you have a mac, I recommend doing Command Shift 3, and then go desktop when you take the picture. That, or you can go search Library on your Finder or do Command, Shift, G. Do ~/library/ when you get something saying "Find Folder". I guess thats all I can explain, and I might edit this post and get some pictures to help you.
  6. Just for the record, it is not REQUIRED that you include a screenshot of the item you are auctioning off just suggested as it gives the bidders a more realistic picture on what they are bidding on. To make this post valid, I bid 600 rupees.
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  7. ive just missed soo much and my friedd used like 12 stacks of the wheat, il try to get it back IF you want, ide suggest not bidding on this auction, il poste a link to another auction once i got the wheat. :(
  8. dude, stop bidding
  9. this is funny to watch an read lol
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