[Auction] Double chest of slime, 3556 balls

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Amumbo, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Double chest of slime balls!

    3456 balls in all

    Starting bid 1,000R
    Minimum increase 1,000R
    Auction will end 48 hours after the last bid
    Pick up from SMP6

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  2. BTW this has been mod approved
  3. wow only 1k !!
  4. I hope I win :3
  5. So when Does this end??
  6. 48 Hours after last bid
  7. Is this auction mod approved?

    "Auctions are designed for only the rarest of items. At this time, we consider that to be any enchanted item or dragon eggs. Please only post items that are in BRAND NEW / NEVER USED condition. Please don't post any other auctions without first contacting <IcecreamCow or shaunwhite1982>"

    -From Welcome to EMC Auctions / Rules [Read This FIRST!]
  8. Yes it is, by shaunwhite1982
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  9. A bargain, about 11r per ball!
  10. poo cake don't tell anyone :D
  11. i was just joking :D lol
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