[AUCTION] Double chest of Silk Touch I Enchanted books.

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  1. Yes.. a double chest of enchanted books [54 silktouch]

    Item: 54 silk touch enchanted books

    Starting bid: 2000r

    Minimum bid increments: 400r

    Ending: 48 hours after last bid

    Pick up: 18010 SMPP9

    I would add a picture but the thing is I cant thank a screenshot in a chest for some reason
    but happy bidding!
  2. take* not thank
  3. Nuuuuu, mine.
  4. Actually wait, my 2.9K bid should still be in effect since you raised it by only .1K instead of the .4K
  5. [quote="AwesomeNess= BugsyWPfeiffer]3.3k
    [/quote]- This is .4k above Reindeer_ in the leads bid!
    So yes my bid is 3.3k :D
  6. lol, Im messing up - 3.3k is my bid
  7. Hard to believe that this isn't going for like 25k or something right now.
    Meh bid is 4k.
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  8. 5,400 rupees
  9. This is an auction, you can do no such thing. You can bid though.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.