[Auction] Double chest of Paper!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by iamfuturetrunks, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the second auction by yours truly.

    I shall name it Superterrifichappyhour auction... number 2!

    Item: Double Chest full of Paper!

    Starting Bid: 4,800 Rupees (I already know some of you will want to complain about this so don't, instead go away since you probably can't afford it anyways. :D)

    Minimum Bid Increments: 100 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 48 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it.


    What we have here is a double chests full of paper.

    It will be located on SMP1 at my res 1215 I will set up a double chests with an access sign to the winner after they have paid.

    That's 3,456 pieces of paper. Great for those who have to go, need something to write on, want to fashion a couple books for their local library, create some paper airplanes, some square origami folds, or just to use as a massive deadly weapon of paper cuts against the evil creatures outside the outskirts of town, ect. Its all dependent on your use of IMAGINATION! :D

    So with that good luck bidders and have fun. :D
  2. I can easily afford this, but I will admit, the starting price is awful high. I surely wouldn't pay that much.
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  3. Bumpidy bump bump.
  4. Yeah starting price way to high!
  5. I can easily afford it its just way to expensive!
  6. Bumpidy for different time zones.
  7. Bumpidy again for the different time zones.
  8. Read this:
    But I do agree it is a bit of a high starting price although I believe once the auction starts it'll go for more than that lol
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  9. First off.. I have easily sold single chests of paper for about 2700 each. I since then have dropped the price to 2400 each and this auction is the same price just its a double chest not a single one in quantity. Second this auction is selling the minimum price I would want for the work. I have seen double chests of items worth far less then paper go for much more, and no im not talking about double chests of dirt where really rich people just bid on them for fun.

    So far the people who have replied already obviously can't read (except for possibly stads) because I mention right in the first post not to complain about the price. If I opened the auction up for much less then this I probably wouldn't get up to the minimum price that I want since iv seen auctions for items that start at like a 100 or 1000 rupees end up going for just a little bit more when they are worth much more.
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  10. I will give it one more day then im going to close this auction since only people that are really saying anything on this auction are complainers. :p
  11. lol. try lowering it to like 4000 and it will easily go up past 5400 by the end...
  12. Yeah but there is a high chance it wont. I have seen people who start auctions at like 100r for something worth like 2000-4000r and only end up getting maybe 500r either cause of a slow day or cause no one is interested at that time.

    But yeah like I already mentioned before this is the minimum price I want to sell them for I have already easily sold a few single chests at 2700r each and since then decreased to 2400r a chest which is what this auction is at (except its a double not a single chest).
  13. alright whatevs :) just sayin. i cant bid on this anyways, cuz ive been banned from emc for almost 3 months now, so im not trying to get the price down for myself :p...
  14. One more hour and then im calling this auction off.
  15. Okay no one actually bid and im not going to wait around forever. So I consider this auction closed.
  16. hmph, ill get a mod :'(
  17. Get chickeneer. Or Aikar.
  18. I think no body bid cause you sounded rude in the OP. You made yourself sound like you were all rich.
  19. More like I didn't want to hear whiny babies complain about the starting bid even though they still aren't old enough to read and complained anyways. Even someone else who knew about the auction and I was asking their opinion on it before starting it said I should put something in about the starting bid cause even they could predict people would whine about it.
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