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  1. Starting Bid- 20k (About 5r per ingot)
    Minimum Bid Increments- 1k
    Ends 24hrs after last valid bid
    Pickup- 18003 on SMP9 after payment received
    Ready? GO!
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  2. it starts at 20k.....
  3. oh my bad, sorry xD
  4. It's a bit high starting bid. If its ok I'll start at 15k
  5. 20k= about 5r an ingot, so i think thats a fair start
  6. finnaly a valid bid :D
    equinox_bass is in the lead with 20k
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  7. I am offended :eek:
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  8. oh my bad... lol i thought it was a dubstep reference :p
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  9. 20k= 5r a peice! still under average!
  10. 20k is really 5.8r a peice so thats kinda lying
  11. My apoligizes, i did mental math and rounded it to 5, but 6r is still a great price.
    Equinox_Boss wins in 7hrs!
  12. Anyone who is buying anything should doublecheck what the price per is, in case of a mistake. That goes for any auction
  13. this turned out to be a very lame auction, only 1 bid :(
  14. 30 mins remains! anymore bids?
  15. It's a good job you circled those iron ingots.
    I might not have spotted them otherwise.
  16. I am actually dying right now, thank you for making my day XD
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