[AUCTION] Double chest of enchanted books!

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  1. Starting price: 1000r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    End date: 48 hours after the time of this post.
    Pick up info: Res #7075 on smp3
    1 Aqua affinity I
    2 Bane of arthropods IV
    1 Feather falling IV
    2 Fire protection III
    2 Flame I
    4 Fortune II
    1 Fortune III
    2 Infinity I
    2 Knockback II
    2 Power IV
    2 Projectial protection IV
    7 Protection III
    1 Protection IV
    2 Respiration III
    9 Sharpness III
    2 Sharpness IV
    6 Smite IV
    1 Thorns II
    5 Unbreaking III
    It took me 10 minutes to put all the books in alphabetical order XD
    Sorry for there not being very many good books.
  2. Oops lol the post didn't update xD
  3. I was expecting less then half of that....
  4. 6 minutes left!
  5. Auction closed! jeroen3020 wins with a bid of 8k. The access sign will be set up after I receive payment
  6. Crap didn't update in time coolguy1967 wins with a bid of 9k you know the drill
  7. coolguy didnt win
    he was only 9min ago
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  8. Yes he didn't win
  9. The auction was to close at 9:57 PM my time and it says he entered at 9:56 PM so it looks like he won to me.
  10. Who win???? who is in lead????
  11. This are my screen capturs of the time ;)

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  12. I'm sorry but it has been paid for and picked up

  13. did I win??
  14. coolguy1967 won
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Not open for further replies.