[AUCTION] Double chest of eggs

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  1. Item name: A double chest of chicken eggs collected from various server's spawns during cleanups
    Starting price: 1r
    Minimum bid increasement: 1r
    Maximum bid increasement: 1r
    This means you can only increase the current price by 1r at a time
    Auction ends: 48 hours after last valid bid

    Auction winner will be able to pick up the eggs at 603 (SMP1) after payment is received. The have so many uses such as making cake and chickens!
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  2. And egging res's?
  3. Also, just to make this completely clear: these are the eggs that chickens lay and that you can throw. They are not spawn eggs.
  4. 4R

    I already know what res's I'll egg /sarcasm
  5. 10r, I really need them, I already got about 2 db chest o' them, but I do need them.
  6. 5 Zelda moneys!
  7. 7 Zelda Moneys
  8. 10 Rupees!
  9. 100 Rupees
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