[AUCTION] Dirtrapalooza! 34,560!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hoi, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. ITEMS :

    2013-07-11_13.59.57.png 2013-07-11_14.00.03.png
    54*64=3456 pieces of dirt per chest
    10*3456=34,560 pieces of dirt
    34,560 PIECES OF DIRT

    2,500 Rupees

    Its dirt. ._.

    100 Rupees

    48 hours after the highest bid
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  2. Where's deathtomb? Where is he?!?
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  3. I'll soon be having a 25 double chests of dirt auction. ;D
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  4. ohrly?
    whos dirt is this may i ask ;)
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  5. I really don't know where I got it! ;)
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  6. oh well 12 layers of my res have mysteriously disappeared out and then i saw this thread, and i couldn't help wonder if a certain pig around here took it?

    leave me a few dc for the mall ;)
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  7. Will do! ;)
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  8. Brickstrike leads with 2.5k! This is cheap for 34,560 pieces of dirt! ;)
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  9. Anything is cheap when it comes to dirt lol
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  10. This dirt has been finely processed, it goes through pigs digestive system and comes out the other end ready for selling,
    You would be crazy if you didn't want this quality dirt!!
  11. brickstrike is in the lead with 2.5k! This is the best dirt that has ever been dug! :D
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  12. You win! Come pick up your dirt at residence 4113, Smp2!
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  13. Ok :)
  14. Haha my double chest of dirt is going for 1,001r. Successful? I think so.
  15. The access signs don't work... :(
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