[AUCTION] Dirtmas 2015

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  1. Happy Dirtmas, EMC!

    What's Dirtmas, you might ask?
    Dirtmas is a special Christmas celebration for enjoying the basics in Minecraft, such as dirt! In this auction, we'll be celebrating dirt.

    Item: 32 double chests of dirt
    Starting bid: Free
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1 rupee
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid

    note: due to space limitations on my res, I will deliver the dirt to the winner on their res with access signs set up
  2. 800 I actually need this, lol
  3. Bump!
    By my calculations, each dirt is currently being sold for 0.007234 rupees.
  4. Oh my god i need this. So begins the war of auction bid attrition.
    901 rupees.
  5. Aaand ninja'd
  6. (bump)
    Still a great deal! 110,592 blocks of dirt going for about 0.05425 rupees each.
  7. Time to add to my 256 DC's of dirt, 10k. :p
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  8. (bump)
    Just for reference, there are 921600 blocks in a single res. I'm selling about 1/9 of that in a single auction!
    Each dirt is now going for 0.090422 rupees per block.
  9. (bump)
    Is anyone going to challenge JMB6362's leading bid?
    If they're going to, it's got to happen soon!
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Not open for further replies.