[Auction] Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock

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  1. Item: Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock
    Starting Bid: 10,000r
    Minimum Bid Increasement: 1,000r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours after last bid (2 days)

    Item Info: This Little Device Can Clear *ALL* dirt On Your Plot From Top To Bottom If turned In To Staff. Very Useful When Clearing Dirt On Plot.

    Image: (Click Here)---http://imgur.com/3ddYFlT----

    Thank You!!! *AUCTION PICKUP*----7078---SMP3---

    Questions?----JmanGamingYT is my In-game name
  2. Bump~ThaKloned with 40K!
  3. Bumps should only be done after a min 3 hours of last post.
  4. Oh sorry didn't know still, learning Auctions. My bad
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  5. Bump~ThaKloned takes lead over opponents with 50K
  6. 59999r

    Should I pay now or wait 48 hours? ;)
  7. PenguinDJ You should wait 48 hours. Someone else could bid higher.
  8. He says this because anyone can purchase one of these off a Senior Staff+ for 60,000r.
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  9. Sorry I'm so nooby. Lol, looked like he had a joke in there with the emoji after but I couldn't tell.
  10. I really enjoy these. I got mine off a Momentus, and now I just use it as a soulbound clock. It rules. I enjoy the soulbound enchantment on everything that it's available on :). That's just me though.
  11. ThaKloned still winning and in lead with 50K! Hurry and Bid before time is up!
  12. ~Bump!~ 1 Day (Almost) Until KiraShizumi wins At 61K! Hurry and Bid!