[AUCTION] Dirt Destroying TIcking Tock (CLOSED)

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  1. Will this work on utopian reses?
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  2. i think it says any snr staff service so yes
  3. No, it says in the lore that it will only work on 60x60 residences.
  4. It will give you a 60k discount from Utopia reses. Two Tick Tocks can be combined for free Utopia clearance.
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  5. 75001r
    Do the thing that I want you to do, and I will stop.
  6. Heads up: this item is available to any member by paying 60k to a senior staff member.
    It is designed as a way to gift a res clearout for a normal 60 x 60 res. It ALSO falls as a rare drop in the wild.
  7. Uh oh...
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