Auction: Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III Fortune II

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  1. ~ Starting bid: 3800R ~
    ~ Minimum bid increment: 1ooR ~
    ~ Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid ~
    ~ I will set up a chest with your name on my lot (5059, utopia) ~

    ~ The pickaxe is slightly used (hence the lowered price) ~
    ~ Accepting rupees only ~

    Please Bid!

  2. Off Topic, gotta like this format, "~" at the end and back of each line, align centre, good choice!
  3. Yeah, I actually stole it from you, I liked it so much.
  4. You know I could seriously hug you right now. :D
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  5. Yeah, you're the 2nd (I think) to have used the same format as me! Looks awesome huh?
  6. Yeah, it definitely has aesthetic appeal.
  7. I got 1 hour left till i gtg so 13k?
  8. Guess not i cant access utopia
  9. You can access utopia, but only as a visitor if you are not a diamond or gold member. You can visit residences, and you can access chests as long as they have your name on it. So yes, you can bid if you want to.
  10. ill bid 13k but i wont get on till about 4pm central time tomorrow